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Clients & Case Studies

Capri consulting is one of the leading Agile Transformation, Training and IT service providers to the insurance, education, government, banking, defence, energy, media and manufacturing industries. Our customers range from large vertically integrated groups to smaller, specialist organisations.

Toyata case study

Customer: Toyota

Industry: Manufacturing 

Toyota was running a business Intelligence program (£5m) to capture feedback from dealers and end users. Please enter your email to read more how Capri solved their problem using Agile transformation strategy.

Customer: Ministry of Justice

Industry  : Government

The company was having challenges with maintaining GIS data across multiple applications. The critical issue was to have spatial data in various formats updated in near real-time from these applications.

Customer: Morrisons

Industry  : Retail

Morrison needed its online presence to compete with other retail giants. They needed meaningful numbers to understand customer behaviour and buying pattern Capri supported their journey, read how.

Customer: HM Revenue and Customs

Industry  : Government

HMRC wanted to integrate their Content and Case Management system.  There were public facing applications. The deadlines, & goals were rapidly changing. Read how Capri helped HMRC.

Customer: Centrica

Industry  : Energy 

Our Customer was running a large and complex program. They were keen on progress and early visibility of the product from the Agent perspective. Read how Capri solved their problem using Agile transformation.

Customer: Direct Pharmacy

Industry: Pharmaceutical 

Direct Pharmacy is working to expand its mission of service excellence to make life easier for its customer.  Direct Pharmacy did not have a proper warehouse management system which affected how they sold items.

Customer: Severn Trent Water

Industry  : Utility 

The company is providing services round the clock to 4 million customers across the UK. It  was having challenges to give customers a consistent and live view of leaks, supply interruptions and sewer incidents in their area.  

Customer: Centrica

Industry: Energy

The company had been using a customer relationship management (CRM) system, which became outdated for its needs. The company decided to replace its Siebel system with an SAP CRM system