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Capri shirtCycling from one of nature’s greatest feats, Niagara Falls, to one of mankind’s greatest feats, New York City, is no walk in the park. Capri Consulting is proud to support Small Steps on their 740.3 km voyage over 7 days through Canada and USA. The previous blog post describes only a few of the many great things the charity does for special needs children in Solihull. Here is a brief day-by-day account of the trip.

Day 1: After arriving at Niagara Falls on 2nd August, the group made final preparations on their bikes before they set off on their first day’s ride on 3rd August. They cycled from Niagara Falls to Buffalo, crossing the American border.

Day 2: The group cycled 112km from Buffalo to Olean. They started at 6am to avoid the midday heat. Day 2 saw some difficulties with many punctures due to gravelly roads.

Day 3: Day 3 was another early start as the group cycled 131km from Olean to Wellsboro. Spirits were still very high.

Day 4: The group cycled from Wellsboro to Towanda. With very hilly start the route was quite tough, but at the end of the day, 400 km had been completed and 340 km remained.victory pose

Day 5: The cyclists travelled 122km from Towanda to Wilkes-Barre with huge hill climbs and 5000 feet of elevation.

Day 6: The group embarked on their longest stretch of cycling of 138km from Wilkes-Barre to Stanhope.

The last leg of the trip was from Stanhope to Newark, just outside of New York. After such a long and strenuous trip, a sense of achievement was felt throughout the group as they went the extra mile in order to raise money for the Small Steps charity and bring a smile to the many children with special needs that the charity helps.

We at Capri Consulting believe that business and social enterprise should go hand in hand. We feel the responsibility to support charities that aid social welfare and we look forward to doing so in the future.

We would like to congratulate every team member and their families for their effort & dedication! Well done !!

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Small Steps

Do you think you could cycle from Paris to Geneva? 503.9 km, mainly uphill, over mountains and hills, with no material reward? What about 643.7 km from Niagara to New York?

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The former is exactly the journey a group of cyclists undertook to raise money for Small Steps charity last August, and latter is the journey they will be undertaking on the first of August this year. The causes that they’re helping to support this year include the SCSNA (Solihull Special Needs Children’s Association), which provide’s support to the children, often for free, by teaching basic skills, which we might take for granted. They also take the children swimming once a week in an old minibus on its last legs! Without such a playgroup, parents and carers would not have any rest from the hard work they have to put in just to look after these children with special needs. Small-Steps have supported the local charity since 2011.

This year they also begin their support of the Chandratilak Vidyamandir Society, which runs two Primary schools in the tribal area near Bilaspur in Chattisgarh, India. The society runs primary schooling in the tribal area near Bilaspur in Chattisgarh, India. In this school, 186 village children are getting free education until year 4. The society, which has been running on voluntary contributions alone with little support available from other sources, is in danger of closing down. Small-Steps Charity is contributing towards provision of books, school bags, shoes, raincoats, warm clothing to both students and parents, and a healthy and balanced diet. The vision is for Small Steps to establish a long term relationship with the school and help support them as they continue with the fantastic work that they do.

krishna small steps

Capri Consulting has worked closely with the charity since the beginning of its support of the Society, and we’re proud to announce that we are the official sponsors of the 2015 cycling team for their journey from Niagara to New York, after our Company Director, Krishna Thakur, was inspired by the fantastic work they do whilst on a recent business trip to India.

The Charity also holds other regular sporting fundraisers like badminton tournaments and charity walks, find out more and see how you can help here.

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Agile Project Management Course (Classroom/Virtual)

Agile Project Management


Agile Project Management:

The software industry is becoming more supple and you need to be too. You need a leaner, more structured approach. A more streamlined delivery. A more Agile leadership method. This is what Capri Consulting’s new Agile Project Management course gives you, the tools to make your software development team more efficient, suitable for project managers, hopeful future project managers, or just for software team members.

The course covers multiple types of bespoke software development, web based application development, open source code & BI, data analytics, and geographic information system services. All of this can of course be tailored by our coaches to your specific needs, who are all certified Agile and Scrum experts.

For more information, and for enrolment on the online course, visit http://www.capriconsulting.co.uk/agile-academy/.

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Our partnership with Impulse Geophysics

This week Capri gained a new partner and friend: Impulse Geophysics.

They do great work ranging from mapping wire and cable networks to locating and mapping underground buried Roman fortresses, in an environmentally friendly manner. We hope that in our relationship as partners we can both strive to find success and collaborate successfully, breaking new ground and markets in GPR technology.

Find out more about them here.
We also recently became partners with SAP, you can read more about that here.

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E-mail: info@capriconsulting.co.uk
Telephone: 0333-321-8999

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The new courses…



Our next courses have just been announced, and are set to sell quickly:

23/05/2015 – Agile Master Class

30/05/2015 – User Story Writing 

Book either of these course now and receive a 10% discount using the code CAPTWT10. A further 10% of all booking fees will be donated to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Book here.


Capri’s Agile Masterclass is specifically designed to accelerate experienced Agile practitioners to a new level, led by Agile guru Krishna Thakur.
Using a mixture of discussion, instruction and exploration you will learn new techniques for development and testing, operations, automation and team dynamics, as well as working with legacy systems and integrating with third parties. Using these techniques you and your teams will deliver business solutions faster than they thought possible.

In a business, it is very important that the work being produced is well organised and priortised efficiently in order for it to be delivered at a high standard. Capri Consulting offers a specialist course in writing User Stories that can help you manage your work into smaller chunks to create tangible value.
User Stories helps us manage requirements. Their primary job is to define the value a user gains from the system. Since User Stories focus on the underlying Agile values of collaboration and Just-In-Time definition, it makes them a good Agile tool. User Stories are small narrative texts (2-3 sentences) in everyday/business language of the end user of a system. These capture what the user does, or needs to do as a part of his/her job function.


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