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Small Steps

Do you think you could cycle from Paris to Geneva? 503.9 km, mainly uphill, over mountains and hills, with no material reward? What about 643.7 km from Niagara to New York? The former is exactly the journey a group of cyclists undertook to raise money for Small Steps charity last August, and latter is the journey […]

Agile Project Management Course (Classroom/Virtual)

Agile Project Management: The software industry is becoming more supple and you need to be too. You need a leaner, more structured approach. A more streamlined delivery. A more Agile leadership method. This is what Capri Consulting’s new Agile Project Management course gives you, the tools to make your software development team more efficient, suitable for […]

Our partnership with Impulse Geophysics

This week Capri gained a new partner and friend: Impulse Geophysics. They do great work ranging from mapping wire and cable networks to locating and mapping underground buried Roman fortresses, in an environmentally friendly manner. We hope that in our relationship as partners we can both strive to find success and collaborate successfully, breaking new […]