We all spend a major portion of our lives at the workplace. Irrespective of which industry you are currently working in, you look forward to spending your day in a happy and productive environment. The environment where you feel valued, empowered and trusted. But that may not be the case in your organisation….. frustration, contact tension, delays in making decisions, silos, politics and unhappy people……aargh!

There is a long list of improvements you can think of, but let’s focus on the basics today. I will share 3 key areas you need to focus if you are trying to build a high performing team.

Culture and mindsets

As you may have heard that organisations culture eats strategy for breakfast. In a fast moving market and ever-changing strategy, you need to have the right team to deliver your vision. Organisation culture is the biggest factor which affects team performance. The famous author Selena Delesie once said, “My advice is to stop emphasizing the Agile Transformation process frameworks and start focusing on the company culture and mindsets.”

Big egos have little ears

We all bring our experience of the previous organisation to the mix and sometimes a bit of ego. As we all know that big egos have little ears, we stop listening to the team. So please listen, really listen to people who disagree with you in order to get their confirmation bias.

Alignment enables Autonomy

Another interesting thing I observed recently….junior staff members are being encouraged to hold surgeries/roadshows/brown bag sessions to share strategic priorities set by executives. How amazing is that!! I could see a winning smile on their faces and clear sense commitment and alignment. Alignment enables autonomy and as a senior manager, you need to trust them to deliver your strategic priorities. tell them what and let them decide how. Let them fail and learn. Give them an environment where they feel safe to fail (as long as they learn).

Believe me! a happy team can pull a rabbit out of an empty hat.


Don’t have time to implement things suggested above then do get in touch and we will help you to build a high performing team.