Top10 Agile Transformation Quotes
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Top 10 Agile Transformation Quotes

These inspirational Agile Transformation quotes are from on-the-ground practitioners and speakers of the Agile community. We gathered top 10 most popular quotes to share here.

1. “ScrumMasters, please don’t touch the task board. It do not belong to you.” -Michele Sliger
2. “Big egos have little ears.” -Robert Schuller
3. “Listen, really listen to people who disagree with you in order to fight confirmation bias.” -Linda Rising
4. “Alignment enables Autonomy” -Henrik Kniberg
5. “it’s not a testing problem, it’s a design problem manifesting as a testing problem. usually.” -Kent Beck
6. “My advice is to stop emphasizing the Agile Transformation process frameworks and start focusing on the company culture and mindsets.” -Selena Delesie
7. “Every retrospective should be unique.” -Esther Derby
8. “Failure really just means that your system is trying to tell you something – so you’d better listen.” -Henrik Kniberg
9. “When the manager plays the role of ScrumMaster, it’s highly unlikely the Team will ever begin to self-organize.” -Pete Deemer
10. “Trying to speed project schedule by reducing testing is like trying to lose weight by donating blood.” -Klaus Leopold

Thanks to Kirill Klimov for sharing these quotes.