Top 10 questions to ask before adopting Agile

When I started (9 years ago), Agile implementation was a hit and miss. I had used many different methods to create a decent Agile implementation formula but majority of them ended in failure. I didn't know what I was doing wrong and assumed I had enough information to create the perfect implementation for Agile. I learned from my mistakes and sought guidance from experienced Agile coaches. And I am the strong believer of learning from other’s mistakes and not re-inventing the wheel.

I recently started another project and knew that I needed a more targeted implementation for Agile. Is there actually a one size fits all approach to Agile implementation? Could there really be a standard template anyone can use to get the project running? If so, where can I find the best one that suits my need? It was clear to me there wasn't a single method that works for everyone in Agile implementation. Every business is different and requires its very own tailor-made approach to help get it started. That's when I decided to ask questions.

Top 10 questions to ask before adopting Agile

My team lacked motivation and were skeptical about trying something new so my first call to action was to have a 1-2-1 meeting with all my stakeholders to understand their motivation and see what they had to say.

I asked multiple questions which would give me an understanding of their fear, expectation, the level of knowledge and commitment to succeed in Agile adoption and what approach they had to take. Were they involved? Did they enjoy the projects they were involved in last time? What did they want out of the project? These questions prompted some interesting responses and got me thinking about how I can evaluate this information to create the perfect Agile implementation. Luckily, this set me in the right direction and I created 10 Agile implementation questions anyone can use to see whether their idea would succeed. These questions should be asked before implementing Agile to maximise the effectiveness of the implementation.Top 10 questions to ask before adopting Agile

Please download the questionnaire here which can be printed and used.

If there are any more questions you think are suitable before going ahead with agile transformation, feel free to comment below.